LGBT Setback!

It's not about the cake.

A business is not legally allowed to refuse service to a person based on certain criteria such as race/color…for example if a person is an African American.  Yesterday, the United States Supreme Court voted that the Masterpiece Cakeshop was allowed to refuse service to an LGBT couple based on religious beliefs.  This ruling thereby reduces the issue of LGBT rights to a religious one, implying that one is making a religious decision to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.  This is the worst case of ignorance that now has legal effects.

Getting back to the race/color analogy, a person can’t help or control what race or color they are.  They are simply born that way.  So, naturally it would be discriminatory to refuse service based on that.  Refusing to serve a person based on their sexual orientation should, therefore, also be discriminatory since a person is simply born that way.  The Supreme Court’s decision does not support this fact, and only further exacerbates the struggles of the LGBT Community by promoting the notion that sexual orientation is a religious decision and not subject to the same discrimination laws as race.  Furthermore, this ruling stands in extreme contradiction to the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize gay marriage.
The owner of the Masterpiece Cakeshop was on television this morning talking about how he would never refuse to sell other cakes, such as a birthday cake, or sell cookies to an LGBT person.  He was only opposed to selling a wedding cake to an LGBT person because of the message that it sends.  But if he is willing to sell cookies to an LGBT person, then an LGBT couple can buy those cookies and also use them at their wedding.  So, what is the bakery owner and the Supreme Court accomplishing…other than to totally confuse and dice up the issue of sexual orientation, and in this case, throw it into the domain of a conscious religious decision.
Perhaps the Supreme Court needs to first clarify how they define sexual orientation before they continue to make rulings.  Is it comparable to race which a person has no control over, and therefore, should never be discriminated against under any circumstances, or is it a conscious choice that will forever be subject to various types of discrimination?  (P.S. How about asking all those LGBT kids who are being bullied and committing suicide whether sexual orientation is a choice?)

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