Gay Soccer Fans Brutally Attacked In Russia!

World Cup soccer fans attacked for being gay.

LGBTQ fans and advocates have decried FIFA’s choice of Russia to host the World Cup this year, saying the notoriously antigay country would be unsafe for LGBTQ fans. While the sporting authority and the Russian government have tried to downplay the concerns, two fans have already been brutally attacked before the games have even started.

French citizen O Davrius and his partner had traveled together to Russia to cheer on French athletes according to Metro UK, but the first match had yet to be played before the two were attacked after catching a cab and left with serious injuries.

Davrius suffered head and brain injuries and a fractured jaw. His partner was left “disabled” after the attack according to Russian media reports.

“Even though the injured are homosexuals, it does not justify the monsters who beat him,” one outlet concluded.

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