Russian Website Wants Users To Hunt Gays!

"Saw" inspired game used to attack and torture gays.

A new website in Russia is encouraging people to ‘report’ LGBTI people to be targeted for torture.

‘Chechnya’s Comeback’, the website says, referring to the local government-sanctioned brutal torture and executions of alleged gay men in the Northern Caucasus.

In the week since the website called, ‘Saw’, launched at least three men have been violently assaulted.

The victims contacted the Russia LGBT Network to report what had happened to them, but there may be many more who are too afraid to speak out.

‘This is terrifying,’ Mikhail Tumasov, chairperson of the Russia LGBT Network, tells Gay Star News.

‘I’ve never seen anything like this.

‘The killing and torturing of gay people, they call it a game.’

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