Teen Tortures Gay Man!

Teen beats gay man and locks him up for 4 days.

A teen has been arrested near Boston after he allegedly locked up a gay man and beat him for four days.

Jackson Sugrue, 19, is facing several charges because police say he locked Otoni Eliseu, 50, in a church bathroom and beat him for days.

Eliseu, who was homeless and staying at the Philadelphia Baptist Church in Framingham, Massachusetts, said that they were hanging out last Wednesday at the church when Sugrue suddenly became violent and wouldn’t let him leave.

Eliseu said that Sugrue pulled him from the bed to the floor and choked him and stepped on his throat.

“He attacked me on my back, on my butt, [saying] ‘you’re gay, you like me,’” Eliseu, who is from Brazil, said. He said that Sugrue beat him with a fire extinguisher while shouting anti-gay slurs.

He said that Sugrue took away his phone, locked him in the bathroom, and didn’t give him food or water.

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