Trump’s War On LGBT Rights!

Trump has declared war on gay rights.

Trump runs the White House as if it were the setting for a reality show; where being outrageous is all that really matters. He knows that the press is easily distracted by bright shiny objects, and he’s gleefully willing to oblige because he controls the narrative.

But what gets the most attention isn’t what’s most important. In fact, fuming about Trump’s outrageous behavior obscures what really matters: Trump has instituted a sustained war on LGBTQ rights.

It’s not as if every attack has gone unnoticed. However, looking at each episode individually dilutes the collective impact. When you put them all together, the pattern is clear.

Despite the lingering myth that Trump really isn’t anti-gay, he is more determined to roll back the clock on LGBTQ progress than any of his predecessors.

Unfortunately, many of Trump’s  anti-LGBTQ policies and decisions will impact the community long after he has left office.

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